The achievements of intelligent household indispensable 6 kinds of sensors

2017-11-30 10:42

Although sensors in our homes are not new things, they are becoming more and more popular due to the booming development of smart home. Today, you can find these small smart detectors, which cover a wide range of uses, have a variety of functions, and can be seen everywhere. Whether or not you have installed all kinds of sensors you can imagine to "protect your family" or just start looking at it, the following six sensors should be equipped for every family.

Action Sensor

When you consider sensors that can protect your home, action sensors may be the first to think of. Considering that many of the latest smart alarms depend on them, it should not be surprising. Now, due to IoT and networked smart home, motion sensors can be used for many purposes.

One example is the integration of smart lighting at home. When you enter a room between two scheduled times, the light will light up immediately. Of course, you can add flavor by setting up bathroom lighting such as lighting between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. and soft light in the early morning.

Reliable motion sensors also have another useful function, which is to achieve actual observation of specific areas - for example, when your baby or puppy is too close to the ground swimming pool in the backyard, it receives an alarm.

Samsung's Smart Things motion sensor is one of the most popular models, with an acceptable price of $39.99.

Light Sensor

Want to save money and be safer? Light sensors "illuminate the road" for you. For many of us, we often forget to turn off the lights, or you may be counting on a forgetful family member. In any case, in ten years, this is not a small sum.

Once the light sensor is installed, it can turn off the light at dawn and turn on the light at dusk. It not only saves you money, but also looks like someone at home when you travel. There are a lot of optical sensors available on the market, which is one of the best things.

leak sensor

From then on, it saved money to say goodbye to the flooded floor. Do you know that American insurance companies spend billions of dollars a year on various floods? No matter the flooding caused by natural disasters, spills or other negligence, it is not a small sum of money to organize. In addition, no one wants to deal with insurance companies.

Spending a little money on a leak sensor can solve the flood once and for all, and it's absolutely worth it.

The Fibaro leak sensor costs $69.99 to work with Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave. It can not only alarm you when the water leaks, but also notify you when the sensor is moved or passive. Most importantly, if there's a serious leak, it closes the valve - if you're away from home, don't worry.

Temperature sensor

Although you don't need a beautiful device to tell you if it's hot outside, you may need a device to "tell" other smart home devices that are hot outside your home.

Basically, temperature sensors can be divided into indoor and outdoor applications. Sensors placed outdoors can help control smart devices installed in your garden, such as turning on the sprinkler if the temperature has been above a certain value for the past two days.

For indoor sensors, they can help you get through the heat. For example, they allow air conditioners at home to turn on 10 minutes before you go home from work, such as Home Seer HSM200 or Elgato Eve.

Weather sensor

Similar to temperature sensors, weather sensors can do a lot more than tell you whether you need an umbrella to go out to the parking lot. If they are integrated into smart home networks, they can be interconnected with other sensors and perform tasks automatically.

One example is to work with your weather sensor and intelligent alarm. If a thunderstorm is coming, you will receive an alarm telling you which windows are open at home. There are many weather sensors available on the market, but Netatmo may be the most famous. It can measure temperature, humidity, air quality and nearby sound levels.

Door Bell Sensor

Door bell sensors are becoming more and more popular recently, which brings new patterns to widely accepted motion sensors. The doorbell sensor not only alerts you when an action occurs, but also plays live video from the doorbell when someone is near the door, even if he does not press the doorbell.

The doorbell sensor is suitable for everyone, especially those who live alone. These little guards also keep you away from annoying salesmen. It is the "observation post" of the 21st century.

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